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Montague's Machine (Part 2)
“How is your dinner, Jacob?”
Jacob glanced up, the wind pushing his hair back against his face. His face had been glued to his plate all day, ignoring the sun that cast across his eyes.
His dinner was delicious, he couldn’t deny that. Much better than the food he ate with Edgar and John when they go for the daily meals at the local tavern and inn. Greasy slabs of salted pork with cornbread made from the leftover crops old Louis Gordon’s cows wouldn’t eat. And that was lunch. For dinner was fish hauled from the icebox out back and served with only the cheap liquor to drink. Jacob liked eating there, he wasn’t some high-class person who picked at every little thing. He ate what he got and it would keep him full. But, h
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Montague's Machine (Part 1)
Jacob sighed as the cold north wind tugged at his hat, nipping at his face like small frozen daggers. The clouds above were a churning dark vortex, spinning into a mesmerizing pattern of grey dark clouds and a thick fog.
The S.S. MARY BELLE was holding up surprisingly well. The small ship rocked calmly on the icy waters. She was an old fishing ship, used for mainly catching cod for the state of Maine. Built in 1896, the ship had first been used as simple passenger travel, but the harbor had purchased her as a vessel for their fleet and she was put to work hauling fish and other sea-life for her days.
Jacob walked back into the cabin. A small room with only the barest furnishings. A small bed, adorn in what could be cleaner sheets, a small desk with one of tho
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The Bartender
The whiskey was warm. He didn’t care. Whiskey was whiskey.
It burned his throat as he swallowed it. A dry, slow burning. He didn’t care.
The glass made a low thud as it hit the oak of the counter; droplets of whiskey splashing against the surface and dripping off the edges. The bottle-once full-was now half empty, standing to the corner of his eyes.
It wasn’t a very expensive whiskey. Cheap stuff. You could buy it from the local liquor store just off the highway. That’s what he liked about it.
Whiskey was whiskey, after all.
The bar scene was empty. An hour had gone by after the evening crowds rolled in. He could not recall the time they had come in, or when they had left. The only evidence of more life mingling about the bar were a few smoking cigarettes shoved into an ashtray and a tipped over barstool laying out of place in a corner just past the basement door.
The after-show of the big game was still on the TV. Albeit sometimes jumbled and fuzzy. Words slurr
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A Traveler's Guide to the Canopy Kingdom
Imagine would you kindly a place. Not just any place like a stereotypical land or plain or desert. Imagine not a simple place, but a world.
A world with a molten core surrounded by a great thick crust dotted with deep blue oceans and vast sprawling oceans, crawling with life and organisms. Imagine this world has a sun brighter than any sun you could picture and a moon of silver and grey as if crafted by the rough hands of a silversmith. Imagine this world surrounded by stars aglow, galaxies swirling to form a pattern of alien construct and the void of an inky blackness beyond our mere human grasp of our vast imaginations and ideas.
This world is much like ours, yet is somehow not. Like looking a picture taking by two different types of cameras, at two differing angles and two different dimensions. Both the same, yet amazingly different to the eye of a man. There are oceans as deep and blue as the ones we have, forests as tall and vast like the forests we have; maybe even there are jung
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Commission for inFAMOUSCOMM
The sun had set, setting the stage for the calm stretch of night. It seemed that when night had fallen, things became quieter. No more was the loud beat of footsteps of hurried people and roaring engines of chrome and steel. All replaced by the sounds of faraway animals and the breeze through the pines. All was replaced by an infinite void of darkness, curiosity and fear.
It seemed the only place that seemed to be up was the city streets. Cars became glowing ribbons that swirled among the narrow streets under the brightly lit citadels of metal and glass. Folks walked through the masses of one another, hats pulled down low and eyes shifting away from one another.
The one building sat wedged between two skyscrapers, adorn in glowing lights and music. Yes, the Artist’s Lounge Bar and Playhouse was in full swing.
Glass and marble pillars lined the interior, soft glowing lights hummed from below the skylights. Men in tuxedos swirled into a pattern of women in cocktail dresses and bart
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The Nuclear Freeze
“In the year 2074, humanity had become more evolved. Evolved in science and industry. We constructed great machines of which man had never seen. It started out simple. Life never really changed majorly. We still lived normally, acted normally and thought normally”.
“But we needed more. The natural want for more kept us needing for the machines. Factories popped up across the continents, pouring out massive engines and technologies. Farming stopped; artificially grown foods became the number one food supply. Forests and plains were dozed to construct massive housings for relay towers, engines and mainframes. The machine industry became a cog in the economy, keeping it steady and the big guys afloat”.
“The years went by and the more machines came in, more space became occupied by factories and cities. People were forced into slums with little food or work. Machinery and robots replaced people in every stage of work. Building, serving and planting crops. Peop
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The Long Drive
He was here. After all those trips and planning, he was finally here at the foot of the Long Drive.
The Long Drive was nothing special. At least, to some. To him it was the newest challenge.
He had traveled along the ancient stone paths of a Mexican jungle. He had wandered the abounded tunnels of a cavern. But he had never stepped foot on the Long Drive.
He had found this road during a simple visit to Pennsylvania to scale some mountain cliffs. He had never seen where it went. It just went straight out of sight into the mountains.
The Long Drive stretched into an old cobblestone tunnel, covered in vines and plant life. The road, once or at least once, had been smooth and flat. Now it was cracking and breaking apart.
Folks around here never said they knew about the Long Drive. Hell, some said they never knew it existed. Maybe they didn’t look right. Or maybe they didn’t look at all.
His old truck rumbles behind him like an angry bear. He patted the hood gently, brushing off
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Steam-Punks: Chapter 9B: The World Beyond.
“So…uh…what will this do again exactly?”
“For the hundredth time, it will test the book’s abilities to control and alter objects and organic structures. To put it simply, what makes the book tick”.
John pointed over to the large machine he had built. It was made of old engine parts and a bunch of science equipment John had in the back.
The machine had all sorts of computer terminals on it. There was a large glass screen in the center so someone could analyze objects from the inner workings of the machine.
Chase put Book V on the conveyer belt. “This machine will really figure out this book’s powers?”
“I made this thing out of pieces from old molecular scanners back at Engine City. This thing can literally tell me how molecules are in your body”.
“I really don’t think this is safe…”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, if something happens and the whole thing goes off the tracks, w
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Steam-Punks: Chapter 9A: Pieces.
October 26th, 1996.
“This journal is for scientific reasons only. I am using this to write my thoughts and experiences during my time in Experiment 223”.
“My first test started today at about 6:30 in the morning. All I had to do was repair a bunch of machinery and start them up. Simple really. They’ve been teaching me how to do that for weeks. Tomorrow they’ll take me into the Engine Rooms to learn about “steam pressure” and “gear adjustment”.
“All I really want to do is see what’s behind the big steel door at the end of the Steamworks. They always go in it with the machines I repair and they do all sorts of weird stuff with them. I can’t go in there because they lock the door. They say that one day I can see
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Steam-Punks: Chapter 8: Of Machines and Men
“Alright. Dimensional Holding Beams activate in…3…2...1”.
“Okay. You may now progress into the portal”.
The man and woman sat at the control panel of the operations booth. A series of retro-looking computer terminals beeped and flashed wildly.
Beneath the booth was what seemed to be a large circular chamber. 4 metal pillars at each end sat on an outer ring which was spinning around slowly. On top of the pillars were small glassy orbs which had large glowing beams reflecting out of them.
In the center of the room was a glowing mass of light. A silhouette of a person could be seen standing inside. The light sent off strange waves of heat and electricity.
“This portal” The man said, adjusting his lab coat. “How much power does it need to be open fully?”
“Well, this portal is a test. We’ll try and see if a human can wander the dimensional plain safely and return in one piece”.
“That’s fine and all,
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Steam-Punks: Chapter 7: Rise of the Olympians
Nikko had no idea how the package got in here, since he did lock up the night earlier.
The package sat on the kitchen table. It was tied with a thin iron chain. A small piece of paper was tucked under the chain. Nikko picked it up and read it.
“Dear Mr. Elrod and Co.”
“Please deliver this package to the Olympus City Mafia. There is something we need from them in order to help progress. Just give it to Michael Ryder and he’ll do the rest”.
“If you do this, great payment will be given”.
“Good luck”.
Now Nikko would have been
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Steam-Punks: Chapter 6: Mind Games
“Please, I beg of you…”
“Sir, why again should we be doing the procedure?”
“Christ, look at me! I haven’t slept in 4 days! I have had nightmares ever since the accident”.
“But the accident was never your fault”
“Of course it was! I started the damn machine against orders! I caused the accident. I killed hundreds of people!”
“Please. Please don’t say that name. It’s my old nickname they gave me”
“Sir, the procedure you ask for is extremely dangerous”
“I don’t care. I want to redeem my life from the ashes. The ashes of sin and guilt”.
“Have you ever read the Bible?”
“Well, hasn’t everyone?”
“Jesus Christ was crucified and mocked. Through these did he suffer and weep. But he returned without sin. Without sin, anger or pain. I will be like that. I will walk the earth without the grip
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Steam-Punks: Chapter 5: Going Beyond
“Journal Entry: December 3rd 1998
“In my travels, I have never come across such an oddity as the Ravine Craters! These craters held the lost coastal town of Ravine which mysteriously disappeared during a snowstorm in 1996. The craters are now a roadside attraction, attracting hundreds of visitors each year”.
“A most curious thing is that the government never did anything to find out what happened. Odd considering that the military used the factory to produce weapons. Congress refuses to send anyone to investigate, even after I showed reports of mysterious waves of energy pulsing from the northern crater”.
“Each test I run comes out differently than it did before. Just today I ran a radioactivity test and the results said it was 1.7%. But just the other day it said it was 2.4%. All I truly know is that I found this odd cipher of some sort scribbled in my book when I wasn’t looking. Maybe if I could crack that code, I could get more information
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Steam-Punks: Chapter 4: The Engine City
“Come on. Stop running. It’s worthless”.
“Shut up. I’m getting out of here”.
“You just won’t let all that other stuff go, won’t you? You are safe here, away from the parasites out there”.
John sighed and ran further down the hallway. It was littered with papers and machine parts. It was lit by the sunlight that seeped through the windows. Behind him, the voice shouted in a much calmer voice.
“You know, all this running is great for my figure. If I had a figure”.
John rolled his eyes. Ahead he saw the elevators to the metro. If he could get to the station and jump-start the train, he could ride it to the stations outside.
“Jeez, you act like I’m trying to kill you with electric buzz-saws” The voice cackled behind him. “Hey, that’s a good idea for a test!”
John ignored him and ran up to the door. The motion sensor that opened the steel door was under the control of Him. John took o
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Steam-Punks: Chapter 3: Written in the Clouds
Jonathan pulled the RV off the main roads and onto the backcountry path. It was dark out and very foggy. He was sure that he probably hit some 3 deer or some biker on the way.
Behind him, Jaye lay on the couch, thumbing an old magazine. Nikko and Chase were at the table. Chase was trying to translate some codes out of Book V and Nikko was eating a sandwich and half a bag of chips.
“Hey, where is this New Salem place anyway?” Jonathan said. “Don’t see any signs for it”.
Chase thumbed through V until he got to a page about New Salem. The page was covered with strange drawings of cipher wheels and decoders. A picture of a little town was taped on the page.
Journal Entry #10. November 18th 1998.
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Ravine's Story
The sound of machinery filled Juan’s ears as he walked through the large wooden door. All around conveyer belts carried pieces and parts to their respective places, furnaces filled with coal burned and hissed and machines, towering above the men and women, clanked and rattled noisily.
“Hey, Juan” came the voice from a catwalk above. “You have to come with me to the Engine Rooms. Got to fix something”.
Juan knew that voice. It was his co-worker, David Burrows. David worked to maintain the massive engines that powered the factory. Juan worked as a mechanic, repairing broken machinery.  Nodding to David, Juan walked over to the elevator at the far end of the room.
“Wonder what’s wrong with them this time” Juan joked to himself as he rode the elevator up to the catwalk. The elevator stopped at the catwalk and Juan walked out to David.
“Good, let’s go” David said and quickly ran off down the catwalk.
That was weird. Usua
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